Sure, diet and exercise are essential. But do you know what's essential-er?

Your thoughts 🧠 <– (This is a brain. And it’s Le boss of your organs 😎.)  So, let’s try something different, shall we?

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Your inner superheroine is waiting to be set free

Do you know what I’ve learned over the 8+ years of working with women desperate to feel like they belong in their bodies?

To be truly healthy, you need to go WAY beyond diet and exercise. (While these factors are important, they’re very often not the missing puzzle piece.)

And this is why most diet programs out there don’t work. Or why people keep spiraling from one diet to another.

You see, fixing your diet or exercise routine will not magically improve your life.

You’ve got to check your mindset first. Otherwise you’ll be spinning your wheels forever.9

Lessons Covered

1. Destructive Thought #1: Discover the 4 words that have destroyed many golden dreams + how to turn the beat around.

2. Destructive Thought #2: Learn about the limiting belief that keeps many women stuck in a body they don’t love + how to use this belief to achieve your true health potential.

3. When not to trust your instinct: Find out how a very common feeling can, in some cases, hamper your recovery + how to make new brain connections that will facilitate growth.

4. Your follow-through blueprint: Master the powerful technique used by productivity experts to make implementing healthy habits as effortless as possible. 

5. Tailor the wheel to your needs – don’t reinvent it: Use your blueprint to make connections between your health issues and your mindset. 

Fun activities

The lessons are easy to digest. BUT for them to be effective, you’ll want to carve time for: 

  • Some focused thinking & writing
    --> You'll get a free 29-page funbook (a workbook that's fun) to test strategies we'll discuss and tailor them to your needs.
  • Implementing what you've learnt in your daily life
    --> The lessons covered in this course aren't some "do it only once & feel the magic instantly yo!" unrealistic concepts. #JustKeepin'ItReal.
  • Revisiting this course regularly
    --> Because practice makes you wiser.
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“I’ve read a gazillion health books and tried dozens of other approaches. I felt okay-ish for a while and then all the negative thoughts I had about myself came back full force x 3. 

And then my old diet and lifestyle habits crept back in. 

But with this approach, I felt the puzzle pieces finally come together. The best part is that, unlike with other things I tried, I felt in charge and totally motivated to dig deep although it wasn’t comfortable at first.” 

[Karen I., OR, 1:1 coaching client]

The choice is all yours

Are you ready to run your mind?

Would you like to try feeding your mind with thoughts necessary to get things rock & rollin’?

And feel amazing?

Because when you treat your mind like a valuable tool, you’ll be able to motivate yourself! How cool is that?!

And if you get your mindset straight, well, you’ll have more energy, more awesomeness, more focus.

And since your brain is connected to all your organs, like your gut, adrenals, and ovaries, being happier and more YOU, will begin your immune and hormonal health transformation.

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