Got period problems? Digestive issues? Or an autoimmune disease? 

(Or all 3, like me in my “conventional dietitian” life.)

What if you managed to forge a set of strategies that would help you

target the bottom of the iceberg instead of just slaving yourself at its tip?  

Getting real here

If you’re like  most people, you tried drugs. And then decided to modify / thought about changing your diet and exercise routine. But despite all those efforts, your symptoms have improved  by only 30 – 40% (if you’re lucky).

Dieting / exercising harder isn’t serving you. 

Epic news: you’re not doomed to dread “this time of the month” /   feel like your stomach weighs a ton after every meal / schedule your activities based on the severity of your autoimmune flares.

The key to your health issues has a lot more to do with the way you think than the number of calories you eat every day or burn at the gym.

Rolling your eyes? 😏 No hard feelings – they also scoffed when I first mentioned the body-mind concept but then…

“At first, I thought “Whoa! This is some next level crap!” But I was desperate to feel better. I had already hired a coach who had prescribed lots of hardcore exercise, six days a week, & a diet that made me live only for the cheat days… Fast-forward 4 weeks – I’ve never felt happier in my life. My last periods were a delight (!), my hair started growing again, and I don’t feel pregnant after every meal! Seriously, thank you SO much for listening & letting me find my way.”
Belinda K. (Group coaching client)
Graphic Designer
“I’m a medical doctor. For cases like mine, you’d get a prescription for an anti-depressant, hormonal birth control, and a proton-pump inhibitor. But I didn’t want any of these. Not anymore. Because they only made me (and so many other women) much worse off. Shari’s approach intrigued me & I wanted to show her she was wrong and practicing pseudo-science. Turns out her approach is evidenced-based, is effective, and has zero side-effects.”
Uzma F. (1:1 coaching client)


“Reset 'YOU': Reclaim your energy + Rescue your periods and immune system in 5 weeks.” 🤸‍♀️

What this is not: This program does not have any magical “lose weight, feel amazing with absolutely Zero effort” superpowers. [Every time I hear this, I have to do some craaayyy-zy effort to keep the flame-spitting dragon inside me from coming out.] You will have stuff to implement – none of my programs work unless you do.

How this course can help

Because I know you’re thinking “Why is it different from other health stuff out there?👀

Change Your Mind Transform Your Life TSRD


Do you deserve to be healthy? Are you capable of being healthy?

Discover how your thoughts shape your reality. And why you ‘can’t’ quit that behavior that just never worked for you.


This tip isn’t just lots of bla-bla. You will need to get under the hood and play around with the circuitry (don’t worry you can’t break anything).

And I’ll give you the tools I’ve been using successfully with my clients for the past 5 years. My only request is this: please don’t send these tools to the land of the lost…


Has your mindset been hijacked by fear? Society? Diet gremlins?

Learn how to maneuver your mind on YOUR terms. And *POOF* transform your life & re-design your health ‘just like that’. 


Discover how to make change last. Because life will happen. And with no accountability plan, things will just ‘progress naturally’ back to square one.

Plus, in the near future, you’ll have free access to a community of other amazing women. 

What you will learn

Desperate for change but can’t seem to change – the answer has always been in you. In this lesson, you’ll challenge your ways of doing things when it comes to health by discovering why working on your mind, soul, and heart is important if you want ‘bodily’ changes.


1. Join our intimate community // Download the ‘Reset you’ roadmap + do the pre-work if you haven’t.

2. Define why *you* need to do things differently (don’t skip this).

Overcome your worst enemy: yourself. The greatest barrier in claiming your power is within—the behaviors we hold onto, the emotions that stir us, the stories we tell ourselves. You’ll dig deeper and address the limiting behaviors holding you back so you can embrace who you really are.


1. What if you changed nothing?

2. Scrutinize your coping mechanisms: move from exhausted to energetic.

3. Explore the stories, behaviors, emotions, and beliefs that are suffocating your immune system.

4. Make peace with your original trigger and let yourself flourish (especially around your periods).

5. Destroy your approval compass. Create your sunrise on your terms.

Activity: Create your step-by-step plan to identify, analyze, and overcome limiting beliefs. 

What’s the common factor between most courses that promise you’ll get your period back. Or you’ll beat the bloat forever. Or autoimmune flares will become a thing of the past?

They mostly focus on the WHAT to do (e.g. heal your gut) and HOW to do that (e.g. remove food toxins). But they rarely touch the WHY.

And I’m not talking about the scientific reasons behind the WHATs and HOWs. I’m talking about WHY do YOU want that result for yourself? Because if you’re not clear about WHY you’re trying to be healthy, it’s unlikely that you’ll be disciplined about how you do things to be healthy or follow-through in what you do to be healthy.

And without these 3 components in balance, your quest for health will soon feel like a mosquito buzzing in your ears. So annoying!


1. Why did you take this course? / Why do you want to be healthy? (No generic answers😉)

2. Define your purpose. Is it in line with why you want to be healthy?

3. Stop the cha-cha with your health. Rescue your purpose.

4. Rebuild your health power hierarchy – nurture the bond between your brain, nervous system, and your immune system.

5. Take a stand. Live your purpose and a healthy, fulfilled life.

Discover the power of affirmations.


1. Social media vs. your inner peace – Unhook yourself.

2. Create a positivity toolkit tailored to punch your toxic thoughts in the guts.

3. Reboot: Fight for your dreams with the help of your subconscious.

4. Unleash your full potential: Unearth the 5 secrets of your subconscious.

5. Become your best self: The breakthrough system to living an epic life.

6. Transform your subconscious’ secrets into your super weapon against negativity and self-doubt.

7. Press reset: 3 powerful techniques to fall in love with yourself again.

Activity: Come up with 5 sets of affirmations that will help you get back in sync with your beautiful self.

We need a purpose and direction. Because when one is missing, everything gets messed up and we get depressed because we feel disconnected and can no longer find happiness in life. 


1. Improve the social skills between your brain & your stomach.

2. Explore the link between the voice in your head and your immunity.

3. Switch on your brain-ovaries-uterus axis for easier periods.

4. Make your adrenals happy again to boost your energy levels.

5. Implement this simple habit to reset your overall health.

Activity: Incorporate the “health version” of your why in your daily life. 

Practicing self-care never meant to give yourself a “get out of jail free” card anytime you’re reluctant to do something. Discover the one thing almost none of us get enough of (it’s probably not what you think…)


1. Double your productivity & save time for what matters to you.

2. Put your oxygen mask on first.

3. Crack the Zzzz code & fix your sleep’s quality.

4. Do you need to break up with your phone?

5. Disconnect from your past, save the rainbows.

6. Get out there to avoid NDDs (Nature Deficit Disorder).

7. Evaluate the cost of multitasking & assess its worth for YOU.

Activity: Practice the art of non-negotiable self-care.