Trying to juggle productivity & chronic illness / menstrual disorders? 

You can’t afford to overlook the mind-body makeover concept that health/diet “experts” seem to be brushing off.

Jumping from one diet / supplement / exercise routine to another until you find something that sticks is NOT the solution to getting your productive 
oomph back

Understanding how 
navigate YOUR autoimmune / hormonal symptoms
 so you can craft strategies that work for Y.O.U. (yup, that’s what I’ll show you in this free
IS the solution.

Observe & Learn

how to ID what’s keeping you stuck & unable to get stuff done. From real case-studies of women just like you.


practical strategies to do more of what matters to you in less time! Delivered over 5 bite-sized trainings. 


your individualized 30-day wellness blueprint to move you from where you are right now to where you know you can be.

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Mindset transformation period problems autoimmune flares

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your Hosts

Hi, I’m Shari, the Strategic Registered Dietitian 🙌.

Ex-athlete. Black-leather-boots-lover 😍.  And a “the wilderness beats commercial centers any day of the year” kinda gal. Currently working hard on being less of a perfectionist + practicing more self-care.

Oh, I’m also an unconventional, clinically-trained dietitian with an MSc in Naturopathic Health Promotion & a certified Autoimmune Paleo Coach. (I chose that path because conventional medicine & dietetics worsened my PCOS & thyroid health.) 👩‍🎓 9+ years of experience (euheum that was to imply that I know some stuff about functional medicine & nutrition.)

My motto: Learn to grow wherever God has planted you.

Sooraya |

Yo! I’m Sooraya, The Strategic Recipe Developer 👋.

A Marie Kondo super-fan + someone you call when you can’t find your things 😉. Oooooh and I ❤❤❤ matching colors – like my silk scarf and the shell pink hibiscus there 👆. And don’t get me started on Range Rovers & photography 😍.

I started developing recipes after developping autoimmune issues (because Shari just ‘mixes everything & poof a mouth-watering meal is served.’) But I need to have everything well planned out (like, weeeks before, lol. Anyone with me? 🙈)

My motto: Always be kinder than necessary. The world needs more of that.


This training does not include one-on-one coaching. We’ll email you a link to the day’s training and you can discuss your progress in the free Facebook group. We’ll be there to answer your Qs!

Since this is not a live training, you can go through the course at your own pace, when you’re free. Once you get the link, you can access it anytime as long as we’re still offering this training. 

Forever is a long time. What if the internet breaks? Since we don’t control the future, we suggest you go through the course as soon as you receive the daily links. Feel free to save the worksheets and training so you can refer back anytime you want. 

The lessons will be short: 10 to 15 minutes max. But you want to make time to do the work. Remember: taking action is what will help you find time to do the stuff you love. So, you may want to set aside at least 30 minutes everyday to get things moving. 

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Mindset transformation period problems autoimmune flares