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Hello there, I’m Sooraya! Nice to ‘meet’ you 😊

Warning: You’re about to read a long, veeery long post about me. (With time, you’ll understand why my close ones nickname me, ‘Chatterbox’ lol.)

About The Dazzling You

Our very special gifts to you

How it all started

You're all set to find your very own rainbow

You feel like you deserve to be healthy and make the most of your life.
Every single second counts.
You’re sick of always feeling bloated, sleepy or in pain just because you misread a food label.
You’re fed up of not having the freedom and control you deserve over your body and mind.

Deep down, you know… You know that you’re stronger than that.
But you have absolutely no clue where to begin, where to look for, who to turn to,
or how to take the first step in the right direction.

If that’s you, let me help you.

The Recipes corner is to make sure you never, ever struggle to prep healthy meals again. Ever!
And if you’re like many of us, who struggle to keep calm and positive in this messed up world, check out the articles in The Female Brain section.


At The Strategic RD:

1) You’ll learn how to become healthy with real foods. Throughout your healing journey, you’ll learn time and time again that if you want to continue improving your health, you’ll need to continue educating yourself about nutrition.

2) Every week, you’ll get a recipe that’s 100% compliant with the elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol.  You’ll find healthy dishes that don’t need tons of ingredients, are fun and quick to prep, and to which non-Paleo/AIP peeps will say, “Wooww, these are so delish!! Can we have some more?”

3) You’ll discover strategies, tips and tricks to make things easier in the kitchen (well, I hope so.) Do you wanna spend endless hours cooking and cleaning, day after day? Or maybe googling how to peel plantains and making your own coconut milk?

4) You’ll get all the support and encouragement you need to live your life to the fullest. In our private FB group, you’ll become fast friends with other brave souls who’re determined to take their well-being in their own hands. Their motto? ‘Move over nasty foods! We’re ditching you for these gems!’

* Shari’s the one who’ll teach you. I’m just here for the food 😉 Now that you know whether you should be here or not, let me tell you a bit more about the crazy woman I am.

How My Not-So-Yummy Story All Started
(Psst!!! Wait for the silver lining 😉)

I used to have severe migraines and cough unceasingly for years…
Each time my barking cough/migraine showed its ugly, dad would bring me to the Doctor.
And I’d be given very strong medications.
Medications that made me feel like a Zombie for days on end.
Every food that I tried to eat would irritate my throat, making me cough.
And at times, my head hurt SO bad that I felt nauseous and couldn’t eat at all.

The result?

I lost a lot of weight in a very short amount of time (which is really bad!)
It was like a vicious cycle ☹ until…

My big sister, a.k.a, The Strategic RD, came to my rescue.
Shari suggested I review my diet & lifestyle and work on my digestion if I wanted to say goodbye to my barking cough and severe migraines.

I was extremely down. I thought I knew what that implied.
No more wheat-containing chocolate cakes, pizzas, cookies, and the list goes on.

I ran into my dad’s arms like I always do when I feel sad. He hugged me tightly against him, gently stroking my hair, and whispered, “Darling, you’re gonna be alright. Perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. God knows while you don’t. [Quran 2:216] You’re a brave girl. You can do this, sweetheart!”

He was right! It turns out that my barking cough and severe migraines were a blessing in disguise. I realized it later on.

I feel SO much happier with my new way of eating. Eating everything I want and nourishing my body at the same time without gaining weight. Isn’t that freaking awesome?

Cooking was always a passion. And now, I get to share this passion with amazing women like you.

I Totally Feel You!

I know how it feels when you learn that you can no more have fast foods or most of the store-bought cakes and pastries.

It’s a heart-wrenching feeling. Well, at least it was for me.

That’s why I’ve decided to share my recipes with you guys. Make your life a tad easier (and a looott yummier 😉)

Meet Sooraya and the Hubs l TheStrategicRD.com

What option would you choose?

Just before I got married, I was presented with two choices:

Either 1) I work in high-school as an oriental language teacher or
2) I stay home, with my laptop and comfort food.

Is that even a choice? Lol.

It was a dream come true: stay home, become a chef cook delicious food, write self-development articles, and make friends with people like you.

If I Could Do It, You Certainly Can Too 😊

Every single one of us has a special something that only we can share with the world.

I figured out that my special gift was to lend a helping hand to people like you and together face the many struggles that life throws at us. Isn’t it comforting to know that you’re not alone?

Cooking healthy foods doesn’t have to seem like a mountain. It should be fun even for working moms with screaming kids and always-hungry husbands, right? 😉

I want my (future) kids to be able to enjoy food like I used to when I was a kiddo myself and not having to feel deprived.

Still Wanna Hear More About Me?

(I knew it! I knew it!! I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only curious one around 🙈)

• As soon as I finished high school in 2011, I worked in my dad’s newly opened supermarket as a cashier, manager of the ‘Frozen’ section and, keeping a record of the stock. And then, we all let it go…

2012 to 2015 were the best years of my life. I did my Bachelors in Islamic Studies with amazing classmates and lecturers. This is also when I discovered my passion for cooking (and baking!) Once my classmates took a bite of my chocolate cake, they were de.ligh.ted! They ended up convincing me to bring the same cake every semester for 4 years in a row, lol.

• In 2016, I graduated top of my class. You’re yaayyying me? Thanks, but eum, I remained unemployed until 2017. So…

• Pheww! In 2017, someone finally hired me. Nope, not a school principal. Shari. My job was pretty simple: share recipes from other blogs with tips & tricks.

• Beginning of 2018, I started creating gluten-free recipes for Shari’s clients. I even cooked for some of them for a few months. Then, Shari decided that it was high time to really work on our website.

Do We Love the Same Things?

When I’m not lost in my mind (and mini kitchen) trying to develop recipes, I love reading mystery books, watching ‘Envoyé Spécial’*, learning how to become a better person, or clearing my mind in nature.

*It’s a famous French TV show that addresses issues that hit the headlines through reports and interviews. (And yes! I speak French fluently 😉)

Time to Say Goodbye … for Now 🙋

I think I need to leave you guys here.
I can hear my hubs shouting, “Miinnss, what’s there to eat?”
If I don’t go now, I can say adios to my freshly baked pizza.

"I love doing conversions for all my ingredients when I need to bake!" - Said no one ever ...

I mean, come on, who loves that?

You’re supposed to be baking a Paleo/AIP cake for tonight’s gathering and you’re … doing US to metric conversions of cups to tablespoons; butter to extra virgin olive oil; and Fahrenheit to Celsius.

But wait, that’s not all, right? ‘cos now you just remembered what your friend told you: “Baking powder ain’t good for you.”

To save yourself all that hassle, why not claim your “Kitchen Conversions” ebook?

Here’s what you’ll get in it:

(1) Some common abbreviations in the kitchen,
(2) US to metric volume conversions,
(3) US to metric weight conversions of Paleo/AIP ingredients.
(4) Grass-fed butter to extra virgin olive oil conversions,
(5) Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions,
(6) A few Paleo/AIP baking and cooking tips.

Download it, print it, and stick it where you can see it when you’re busy baking. Easy peasy 😉

Waiiit! Before you go, would you like to keep in touch?

Meet Shari and Sooraya

For any feedback, questions, suggestions, or if you simply wanna say ‘Hi!’, kindly drop us an email on shari@thestrategicrd.com or
mention our names in posts on our FB group.

We’ll be glad to send a few words your way!

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