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Would you like to love your period, your hormones, & finally thrive with your autoimmunity?

The world and your friends define you as “successful”, “a ray of sunshine”, “Fill in the blanks“.

Do you agree with them? Do you feel NORMAL?

Or do you feel “meh, fiiiiiiiine….” which loosely translates to “My hormones hate me. And my autoimmunity is dragging my once dazzling personality down a dark, bottom-less abyss.”

Maybe deep down you’re sick of:
• Portraying the Ice Queen when it comes to your sex life.
• Feeling like you’re walking in a gravy-thick haze Every. Single. Day.
• Shuddering at the sight of your prickly chin or the 5 o’clock shadow on your face.
• Being terrified of brushing your hair or wearing a ponytail – bald styles aren’t your thing.
• The joint pain that makes getting dressed feel like you’re trying to climb the Himalayas!
• Being nicknamed ‘Ms. Scatterbrain’ because it looks like your brain lives in another dimension.

And you swear that you’ll scream your head off the next time your doctor chalks your symptoms up to “It’s just stress.”or “It’s all in your head. Maybe this antidepressant can help.

Or perhaps, that “time of the month” is such a dreadful experience that you’ve got to check with your period app before making any plans. If you’re lucky enough to have a somewhat regular cycle that is…

Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you’ve got a longing desire to do things differently.

But maybe you…
• Have no clue where to start.
• Need help figuring out what’s going on in your body. But don’t want to be “told what to do”.
• Feel isolated – you wish someone could relate to what you’re going through. (Your girlfriends are supportive, but don’t quite get it.)

Whether you need a few health tweaks,
or you straight up deserve to hit the reset button and start fresh – you’re in the right place. 


  • Rediscover your definition of normal. Because only YOU know what YOUR NORMAL feels like.
  • Fall in love with yourself. No matter where you are on your health journey. Or what dress size you wear.
  • Eat without fear / Hold your baby in your arms / Remember things / Simply enjoy waking up in the morning.
  • Stamp out your period gremlins and enjoy pain-free, predictable periods that allow you to live your life to the fullest.
  • Feel A-LI-VE and become a beacon of positive energy (instead of feeling hostage to your hormones 10-20 days a month).
  • Wield that special gift, only you have, to make this world a better one for you and other women. (But you want to climb back to health first.)


I feel you completely. Because I’ve been in your shoes – I also felt stuck, discouraged, and so alone.

A few things for sure: YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

And you’re not doomed to keep feeling wounded and broken.

YOU NEED SOMEONE TO HELP YOU make sense of your health roadmap.

AND YOUR dreams will become reality.


I’ve been to countless doctors and dietitians for my period and acne problems. “Finding” Shari felt like my frantic search for answers was over. She helped me connect the dots in ways that finally made sense. I found out I had Hashimoto’s – WHY DID NO ONE ELSE BOTHER TO CHECK MY THYROID ANTIBODIES?? But the most important part, for me, was that I felt heard and understood. And that gave me the strength to get back on my feet whenever my disease kicked me down.

Alisha V.

Physiotherapist, Hashimoto's in remission

Hi, I'm Shari!

(Unconventional) Registered dietitian & certified AIP COACH

THRIVING with pcos, autoimmunity & Resolved Digestive issues

Long-story short: Like many out there, I am a wounded healer.

I applied what I learnt in dietetics school but that only made me sicker. At one point, I was getting my menses about twice yearly. Walking down the stairs felt like going on a perilous adventure. And with a very heavy heart, I bid adieu to running and swimming. The once very healthy athlete had become a “bag of bone-crushing pain”.

I felt like giving up. I almost did. Because at 24, going through a traumatic divorce, I felt my world crumbling down.

With my head on the floor, I eventually allowed my tears to flood the prayer mat. And I heard my mom’s soothing voice echoing in my ears “Sweetheart, God does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear [Quraan 2:286]. Give time to time. Keep the faith – you’ll learn to flourish wherever He has planted you.

I found my peace. And the strength to keep fighting. #ILoveYouMom!(AndDad)!

That’s when I discovered functional medicine – God had answered my prayers.

I spent countless nights digging into scientific journals. Experimenting with what I learned. Fast-forward a few months, I got my menses back!

And a year later, I started running again – the wind gently caressing my face as I whizz past sleepy dogs makes me feel SO blessed! Plus, I play badminton (I’m a terrible, terrible player but I can bend my wrists!) and swim in the turquoise blue ocean that surrounds Mauritius. (Yep, I live on an island.)

My health journey started 7 years ago and it is far from over. But, praise be to God, I have forged MY tools.

And I believe YOU can create YOURS. You just need the right ingredients.

Are you ready to take back your hormones and immune system?

Then say a resounding ‘YES!‘ With your fist in the air (Yep, I’m dead serious 🙂 ).

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