"I love doing conversions for all my ingredients when I need to bake!" - Said no one ever ...

I mean, come on, who loves that? 🙄

You’re supposed to be baking a Paleo/AIP cake for tonight’s gathering and you’re … doing US to metric conversions of cups to tablespoons; butter to extra virgin olive oil; and Fahrenheit to Celsius.

But wait, that’s not all, right? 🤔 ‘cos now you just remembered what your friend told you: “Baking powder ain’t good for you.”

To save yourself all that hassle, why not claim your free “Kitchen Conversions” ebook?

Download it, print it, and stick it where you can see it when you’re busy baking. Easy peasy 😉

Free Ebook

Here’s what you’ll get in it:

  • Some common abbreviations in the kitchen
  • US to metric volume conversions
  • US to metric weight conversions of Paleo/AIP ingredients
  • Grass-fed butter to extra virgin olive oil conversions
  • Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions
  • A few Paleo/AIP baking and cooking tips