"My life's purpose is to try diet after diet. And then bang my head over the wall 'cos the period pain / autoimmune flares / digestive distress haven't resolved at all," said no woman ever.

Do different To feel different

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"I walked in Shari's office feeling like a know-it-all. But the very 1st session made me realize that I got everything wrong. I was getting sicker because I only focused on food & exercise. But not on me. Working on my mindset not only helped me feel more feminine, despite being at my heaviest weight, ever but it also made improving my diet SO much easier!"
Marie Ange, C.
Fitness Coach

Yo đź‘‹ amazing woman reading this

Work with the Strategic RD

Let’s get super real for a sec here. So. 


There are gazillions of articles on Dr Google. Plus, countless self-help books. Self-development tools. Life hacks. Tricks. In theory, we should all be on the verge of figuring out how to create change and a life we love. And make it LAST! 


And yet, despite all the health info out there, most of us remain stuck with symptoms that siphon the joy out of life. Or if we do manage to put our health struggles into remission, that doesn’t last for long.


Have you ever tried to ride a three-legged pony? I hope not. But that’s exactly what you’re doing if you just jump from one diet/lifestyle hack to another without first taking a step back to discover why  you can’t stick to your health goals.

Without a true understanding of the “you within”, you’ll only be shoveling snow from A to B and back to A.

Got no clue where to start?

No worries, no worries my frrrrend! [In a very French accent.] You’ve landed on the right website.

Not your typical Autoimmune & Period Coach

lots of fun self-reflection activities

I’m not the kind of autoimmune and period coach who asks a few questions, requests that you order super-expensive lab tests and then hands you a meal plan in the next session.

No, my friend. Working with me will be like scrutinizing a very special painting (you) together. So that you can tell me “Hmmm, this beige [a habit of yours] isn’t working for me. Maybe I’ll try crimson [some other habit that resonates more with you] and see how it goes.” 


You are your own solution. I'm just here to guide you ❤.

An accountability partner

You’ll get very cute workbooks designed by yours truly. Because if you say you’ll do something, I’ll totally check to see that you are. (Because life will get ‘in the way’ and I’ll be there, by your side, to see how that affects you. And what actionable step you can take based on current ‘events’.)

Plus, these workbooks will help you see how your body reacts to the changes you’ve made. They’ll help you become your very own health hacker. 

Learn how to fish. on your own.

No, not with a fishing rod. As an autoimmune and period coach, I’ll teach you to create your own meal plan based on your schedule / taste preferences / budget / food available. 

Because I believe that making healthy food choices shouldn’t be hard. Not even when you’re travelling.

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