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If you can’t find the solution, craft it. Then share it! – Shari

No more believing:
“My hormones & immune system hate me!!!”

You’re a go-getter. You want to feel vibrantly healthy from the inside out.
And when it comes to your health, you want to call the shots.

Got a million thoughts and ideas, but zero idea where to start?

High-five yourself & let’s change that!

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The Strategic RD Coaching

Re-Design Your Health

Stop chasing symptoms.
Go to the roots of what’s preventing you from living a life you love.
Own your body on your terms & inspire others to do so!

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The Strategic RD Copywriting

Make your copy sizzle

Got a product that can truly help other women? Inspire change?
Start by using copy that’s useful. Informational. Human.
And will open hearts…
Plus win you the giant teddy bear!

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The Strategic RD Recipes


Train your brain to love healthy, nourishing foods. Learn shortcuts to make Fun, Fast, Easy, Affordable autoimmune protocol (AIP) recipes.
Bonus: Extra energy left to enjoy the things you really want to!

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Clinically-trained dietitian & certified AIP coach devoted to inspiring you to create your holistic health toolbox so that you can become the CEO of your hormones & autoimmunity. Together we can try to spark hope & self-love in other women.

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    "I need to change my diet + exercise if I want periods that don't kill me / stop feeling pregnant after meals / tone down autoimmune flares...

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    "I love doing conversions for all my ingredients when I need to bake!"- said no one ever ...

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